The Happiness of Pursuit Music Festival Winter/Spring 2019 is the third annual, single-day, hip hop music and culture festival taking place in Ontario, California on Saturday, April 6th. The third go-around is projected to draw 1,000+ patrons from southern California, Arizona, and beyond. THoP Fest is dedicated to the progression and preservation of hip hop music and culture, viewing the youth and the elders as equal and essential in doing so. With a wide range of sub-genres within hip hop represented, attendees will range in age from 13-50 with the bulk of those in attendance between the ages of 20 and 26. Desiring to progress the genre, we will be creating a space that is safe, comfortable, and attractive to women, men, young, old, LGBTQIA, straight, and everyone in between. While the music is as the core of our mission and vision, we desire to provide patrons with an experience that they will carry with them forever, and that will leave them looking forward to the next Happiness of Pursuit Music Festival.


About the Founder

60 East is recognized and regarded as one of the hardest-working touring acts in all of hip hop, and it is with that same passion, work ethic, and dedication to quality and authenticity that he has created, curated, and executed The Happiness of Pursuit Music Festival. Joey “60 East” Atilano was raised in Ontario, California, and his hometown is where he cut his teeth as an artist. While the 909 provided a great place to incubate as a new artist, 60 had to break out of the area to go to the next level. From dive bars on the West Coast to the world-renowned A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, 60 East has experienced and knows what it takes to give fans memorable experiences, as well as how to create environments that bring the best out of artists as well. He has taken all he has learned on the road, and is making it available right back at home in Ontario, offering something more for local artists and local youth, and bringing outsiders into the Inland Empire and exposing them to the abundance of high-quality businesses, art, and artists there. 60 and his knowledgeable and friendly staff have built relationships with artists and professionals in every strata of the hip hop community and have their ears to the streets, ensuring their ability to curate a day of hip hop that is sure to have something for everyone.


Venue/Community Influence

The Happiness of Pursuit Music Festival will take place at The Firewater Bar (and the expansive blacktop lot behind the bar) in Ontario, California, just 35 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, offering easy access for all of southern California. The venue is conducive to the festival atmosphere, providing those in attendance with various vendors, activities for kids of all ages, food and beverages, and showcasing each of the elements of hip hop, creating a communal experience for all. We emphasize our commitment to catering to the hip hop community, but THoP Fest also aims to be considered an asset to the surrounding community at large, bringing in 1,000+ individuals who are sure to support the surrounding businesses and to bring a great vibe into the city for the day. Local artist, teacher, and mentor, William “MC Prototype” Bissic, is providing opportunities for his students to participate as event staff, combining community service, with real-world work experience, and an opportunity to participate in event coordination and the music industry. Taking it one step further, 60 East and THoP Fest are working hand in hand with local Charities/Foundations, contributing a percentage of profits to at least one charity a year. The Happiness of Pursuit Festival is a living and breathing testament to the notion that hip hop has the power to make the world a better place.


Industry Analysis/Media Exposure

The Happiness of Pursuit Music Festival is giving Californian’s exactly what they want - a festive environment, dedicated to the most popular genre of music in America, and quite possibly the world, hip hop. THoP Fest is filling the void left by the now-defunct Rock the Bells Festival which boasts attendance of up to 45,000 at its height, ensuring the inevitable growth and success of the event. Years one and two were undeniable successes, bringing in top talent in the genre from all over the country, and 60 East and the THoP Fest staff promise to outdo the previous year with each installment. Looking forward, 60 and his team project selling out the current venue, expanding, and creating a multi-day festival, drawing acts and crowds that match those of THoP Fest’s aforementioned predecessor.