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We would like to THANK YOU for being interested in being a vendor at our 7th annual Happiness of Pursuit Festival.  We wanted to give you a quick rundown on signing up and other information you may need regarding the event. 


Event Details:

- Will be held outdoors at Firewater Bar (Parking Lot) in Ontario,CA (Rain or Shine)

- Event will be held Saturday, October 5th, 2024

- Event starts at 12PM

- Vendor set up time 7-11AM (Set up the night before is also an option)

Security: We will provide security for the festival; however, we cannot be held responsible for your booth and goods. Please be secure at all times, especially if you are away from your booth.


Liability: Vendor participates in the event at his/her own risk. In case of inclement weather or other Acts of God, the vendor agrees to accept full responsibility for profits or loss or any missing, stolen items or damage to person or personal property.


Refunds: There will be no refunds of booth fees after notification of acceptance. Any violations of the rules and regulations or other applicable city/state/county ordinances will result in immediate dismissal, in which case no refunds will be issued. 


Sound: No loud audio system may be used. Please be considerate of the Artist Performing on Stage.


Cleanliness and Trash Removal: Vendors will keep their location and surrounding area clean and free from litter. All garbage must be disposed of at the end of the Festival at designated locations.


Objectionable Material or Activity: #THOPFest is a family friendly event. We reserve the right to disallow any activity or objectionable material from being displayed, sold, or distributed in any manner.


Damages: If damage to public property/venue is incurred by a vendor or representative participating in the event, he/she will be held liable for their pair or replacement of the damaged property. This applies to, but is not limited to, such items and areas as exterior fencing structures, trash cans, landscaping, tents and any other facilities or equipment.


Other Things to Note:

1. No guns, knives, weapons of any kind, projectile weapons of any kind, or drug paraphernalia are to be sold (including fake weapons of any kind). Fart bombs, bag bombs, champagne  poppers, silly string, disappearing ink, or anything squirted or sprayed may not be sold. This is to protect all of our vendors, their merchandise, and our visitors.

2. Vendors are not permitted to bring or sell any alcohol.

3. This is an outdoor festival and vendor spaces may not be completely level.

4. We do not have electricity available for vendors. Vendors can bring their own generators. 

5. Vendors may not sell bottled water.

6. Vendor passes do not grant you access Backstage

If you would like to be a vendor at this years Festival simply fill out this form below:

Be a part of this years THOP Fest...

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