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Updated: Feb 22

We at THOPFest take pride in the artists we put on our stage. We are fans of the music first and foremost. We love finding an artist early and giving them the opportunity to shine on our stage in front of our audience. We also love to see where artists take their careers after performing on our stage. Since we couldn’t throw our festival in 2020, we decided to do something special for the artist and fans. We compiled a list of our favorite projects that dropped in 2020 by artists that have performed at our festival. We want to not only continue to support these artists, but also keep our fans engaged with them and the music we are currently listening to. In case you missed one of these albums when it dropped, we are here to remind you to go check them out now!

Sa-Roc - The Sharecroppers Daughter

Since performing at #THOPFest April 2019, this goddess MC. has continued to make her mark on hip hop with several music and social media videos showcasing her amazing skills. In 2020, just before the pandemic hit, she was invited to co-headline a national tour with Grammy nominated Roc Nation artist Rapsody on A Black Woman Created this Tour. Soon after, Sa-roc released “The Sharecroppers Daughter”. This rhymesayer’s debut album features Black Thought and Styles P, both critically acclaimed. The album has been featured on many “Album of the Year lists” all over the county and has solidified Sa-Roc as one of best lyricists in the game. In case you missed it, be sure to stream it now

Our favorite songs: Forever, Deliverance, 40 And A Mule

Album Link: https://sa-roc.bandcamp.com/album/the-sharecroppers-daughter

Elzhi - Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up